2021-02-25 Builders Initiative Meeting notes


Feb 25, 2021


  • @Ruth Cheesley

  • @Adrian Schimpf


  • Review the past actions and outstanding issues

Call recording


Discussion topics



  • Release 3.3 went out with the builder and themes (3 from Joey, 1 from Webmecanik)

  • @Adrian Schimpf has made a PR with some refactoring to improve how the builder works.

    • It means using the default way of using GrapesJS and also makes it much easier to work with IDE’s

    • Also includes a demo folder with the default GrapesJS builder

    • Added Parcel as a package manager to combine and minify the JS - and add a version string so that we can set the cache duration

    • Added a linter and rules to improve code quality

    • We need to review and test the PR

  • There is some more work to do so that we can cache more on the client side

  • We should look at whether we can implement GH Actions to set up tests

  • We should have some test suites for the builder

  • Do we need to move the preset repo/code over to Mautic so that we manage that too? Could it be brought into the same repo?

  • We need to decide on the release cadence for the plugin - do we mirror Mautic? Probably most sensible to do that.

Action items

Review outstanding GH issues and ensure that they are all well documented
Enable BountySource and add $30 bounties on high priority issues
Look into what is needed to have feature parity with MJML themes and current/legacy themes
Document the release process for the plugin