Email and Landing Page Builders


Develop more robust options for creating emails and landing pages which are user-friendly and feature-rich.

Due date

May 16, 2021 

Key outcomes

  • A new builder for creating emails and landing pages



Open Issues

10 issues to go until the next milestone

Problem Statement

The current email and landing page builder is quite limited in its functionality and has quite a few bugs that have been long standing.

This causes a lot of pain for Mautic users, who expect much more of the builders in Mautic. In particular, they expect easy-to-use, drag-and-drop interfaces and the ability to control and customise their layouts with ease.

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Must have:

  • Implement a new builder for the email and landing page builders in Mautic using the GrapeJS framework

  • The builder should be

    • a plugin,

    • independent for Mautic Core,

    • with the ability for a user to decide to use this core builder, or use an alternative.

  • Enable users to create emails and landing pages which are fully responsive and apply industry best practices

  • Allow users to:

    • continue with the existing email and landing page templates if they prefer to do so,

    • create from scratch in the new builder,

    • edit their existing templates with the new builder and make changes.

  • Initially ship as a beta release in the 3.3 release:

    • an optional plug-in that users can enable,

    • the existing builder remaining as the default builder.

  • Following testing in the beta stage, remove the existing builder and replace it by default with the GrapeJS plugin

  • The builder must be fully and comprehensively documented in the Docs and the Knowledgebase, as well as where appropriate in the Developer Documentation

Nice to have:

  • New / additional themes for email and landing pages that are applying industry best practices

  • Option for light colour scheme (as GrapeJS ships with a black colour scheme which is quite different to Mautic’s colour scheme!)

Not in scope:


Initiative Coordinator/s



Initiative Coordinator/s




Product Team (@Ruth Cheesley @Dennis Ameling @Norman Pracht (Unlicensed))

Email Tiger Team (@Ruth Cheesley)

Builders Tiger Team (@Ruth Cheesley)

Landing Pages Tiger Team (@Ruth Cheesley)

Education Team (@Ruth Cheesley @Favour Kelvin)


Lane 1

Prepare for Initial Beta

Prepare for General Availability

Milestones and deadlines









Finalise release for 3.3 milestone

Alex H

Feb 14, 2021


Review feedback from 3.3 release and prepare plugin for 4.0 release

@Adrian Schimpf

Apr 18, 2021

in progress

Reference materials

Meeting notes and decision docs