Mautic Initiatives

During MautiCon 2020, we announced how Initiatives are going to be structured in the Mautic Community - you can watch the announcement in the video here.

What is an initiative?

An initiative is a time-boxed, often complex project which is anticipated to take more than 6-12 months in duration.

It involves multiple stakeholders and may be related to the product, or other areas of the community.

What types of initiatives are there?

In the Mautic Community we have two types of initiative - Strategic Initiatives and Community Initiatives.

Strategic Initiatives

Strategic Initiatives are maintained by the Project Lead

  • They are grounded in

    • User insights - Initiatives that are based on what users of Mautic tell us is needed

    • Product vision - Initiatives that move us closer toward our vision for Mautic being the #1 choice for marketers

    • Market insights - Initiatives that are required for Mautic to remain competitive in the Marketing Automation world

    • Community discussion - Initiatives which have been discussed and validated in the Mautic community

Current Strategic Initiatives

Community Initiatives

Community Initiatives are maintained by the Community Leadership Team.

  • Anybody can suggest a Community Initiative

    • Check first in the Mautic Community Forums to see if someone else is already interested in or working on this area

    • Add the discussion to the next team meeting agenda (choose the team that is most relevant
      for the initiative)

    • If supported by the relevant team, share the initiative project brief and outline for feedback and refinement

    • Once accepted, start to build a team and work on the project (in the public domain)

Mautic Initiatives news and updates

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Following on from MautiCon where I announced that we will be focusing on some key Strategic Initiatives over the coming year, today you will find the initial outlines of each Strategic Initiative in this space. We will use this space to keep you up to date with the latest work on the initiatives, and as a way for you to find out how they are progressing. Here are the initiatives - we are still in the process of putting together a project plan for each,…