2021-03-03 Meeting notes Composer Support Initiative


Mar 3, 2021


  • @Ruth Cheesley

  • @Mohit Aghera

  • @Rahul Shinde


  • Review proposed directory structure

  • Hear how the POC is going from @Rahul Shinde



Discussion topics



  • We reviewed the changes that @Nick Veenhof (Deactivated) had made to the proposal with some alternative locations/structures

  • Discussed the importance of users who do not use Composer and making sure that this initiative does not break things for them

  • We talked about the challenges that will be faced by some shared hosting providers when we implement this initiative, and how we can do our best to address that

  • @Rahul Shinde shared his findings from reorganising the file structure, he will write this up on Confluence along with the changes that he had to make to get Mautic working

  • We discussed that the Alpha release for Mautic 4 is coming at the end of March, so if possible we would like to get this done by that time.

Action items

@Rahul Shinde will write up the POC on Confluence https://mautic.atlassian.net/browse/TPROD-142