2021-04-30 Meeting notes


Apr 30, 2021


  • @Ruth Cheesley

  • @Alan Hartless

  • @John Linhart

  • @Nick Veenhof (Deactivated)


  • Finalise the decisions relating to Composer



Discussion topics



  • Decide what to do with the GrapesJS repo

    • Get the PRs merged @Ruth Cheesley @Adrian Schimpf @Alex Hammerschmied

    • Inform the team @Ruth Cheesley

    • Move the plugin to mautic/mautic/plugins @Adrian Schimpf

    • Set up the git split @Ruth Cheesley

    • Move issues to mautic/mautic @Ruth Cheesley

  • Issues with BazingaOauth Bundle / FOSOAuthServer Bundle in composer

    • Make a hard-fork under mautic/* and add them to Packagist - we have to do this if we want PHP 8 support, because our upstream dependencies have not yet updated/merged our PRs @Alan Hartless (will be in a couple of weeks)

    • For the OAuth2 - either push for getting the change in, and/or temporarily we can work with a patch for our PRs based on the latest stable release @Nick Veenhof (Deactivated) to update PR

  • Remove OAuth1 support (need to make a PR to remove this) @Nick Veenhof (Deactivated)

Action items