2021-09-10 Organising Resources Meeting notes


Sep 10, 2021


  • Meera Nanda

  • @Oluwatobi Owolabi

  • Divya Mangadue

  • @Ruth Cheesley

  • @laur.motus

  • @Jurij Goncarov

  • @Vladas Valeika

  • Darius




  1. Intros and outline of what we want to achieve (5 mins)

  2. Overview of UX research from Acquia (15 mins)

  3. Overview from Deeper of their work to date (15 mins)

  4. Discussion on route forward (25 mins)

    1. Creating a project plan and determining who will work on what/when

    2. Decide on timescales and which release to target (4.1 (November), 4.2 (February) or 4.3 (May) or Mautic 5 if there are BC breaks)

Discussion topics

  • The UX team at Acquia has done auditing of internal and external clients to understand how they are currently working

    • Many are using spreadsheets to keep track of contexts

    • Often using naming conventions in order to organise resources when searching with a filter

  • They have also done some research mapping out how other tools like project management systems organise their resources (can we add some images / slides here to illustrate?)

  • The idea that has been arrived at for us to organise resources in Mautic is to have an overarching ‘project’ (the context) as a container that would hold resources such as emails, forms, campaigns, etc.

    • Resources should be able to exist within multiple projects 

    • Organization is a means to an end here, the main goal is to find what I am looking for

    • Naming conventions are generally a workaround to the fact that metadata is not easily searchable - the marketer may not need to use a naming convention if the resources are well organised and easy to find

    • We can possibly create a field(s) to assist with commonly searched metadata and offer naming convention guidelines as an additional option

    • We could have the option to set a project’s naming convention and have all resources associated with it have that convention

    • We could have breadcrumbs to allow folk to easily navigate between projects / resources (need to work out how to manage the many to one relationship though!)

  • We need screens to account for how to add/remove/move assets to/between project/s

  • Needs permissions available to add/remove/edit projects

  • What does an overview of active projects look like? What does an archive look like? When does it archive something?

  • Feature Releases in the community are quarterly - February release might be more realistic or the quarter after (to include the community testing and engagement as well) - if BC breaks we would be aiming for 5.0 alpha (28th March 2022) or Beta (23rd May 2022). Note that the UI will be rewritten in 5.0 with Twig templates or in Angular (as yet undecided)

  • To have a weekly cadence of updates on a Friday - alternate weeks will be a Zoom call and a Slack async update:

    • 17th Sept - Async

    • 24th Sept - Zoom

    • 1 Oct - Async

    • 8 Oct - Zoom

Action items

@Ruth Cheesley to post notes on Confluence
@Ruth Cheesley to set up fortnightly Zoom call
All to help with writing up a project brief to share with the community and solicit contributions
To prepare a project plan with approximate timings for development work (Ruth & Deeper team)