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  • Review the wireframes for a proposed foldering system in Mautic



Discussion topics


  • Jurij presented the wireframes that the team have been working on, demonstrating what the foldering system would look like and how it would work in Mautic

  • All agreed this would be a great addition to Mautic and really help the marketer with managing their work in Mautic

  • Discussion on whether to have it optional or default - we think it would be good to release as a beta feature which can be optionally enabled and then in a future release after receiving and acting on feedback, make it the default

  • There is a strong preference to folders being cross-entity, where you store everything relating to a campaign (workflow [possible rename from campaign], emails, pages, segments, assets etc)

    • This could also be a springboard to a ‘marketers hub’ where they start the journey and are taken step by step through the process of creating a campaign, rather than having to create all the individual entities in isolation

      • This would be a significant UX project - not in this scope of this initiative / phase but definitely a nice idea!

  • We would probably be targeting a later 4.x minor release, as we don’t think that this will have any BC breaking changes

  • We could use this as an opportunity to form a UX tiger team

Action items

  •  Share the notes and recording in the initiative channel Ruth Cheesley
  •  Discuss in the next Product Team meeting (Mohit Aghera please add to the agenda as a sub item under the resource management initiative)
  •  Share on the Mautic Community Forums for input from the community (Jozsef Keller can you take this on please? The ideas forum would be great!)