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  • Review progress on outstanding issues

  • CKEditor/Dynamic Content discussion


Discussion topics


  • We discussed how the Dynamic Content currently works and Alan Hartless was able to explain how the data is stored at the technical level and how this is then rendered in the builder/when sent as an email or shown on the page

  • We discussed how we might approach that with GrapesJS

  • We are not clear why there is a conditional if statement which is preventing the dynamic content block from loading in MJML themes - need to do some digging

  • Dynamic Content is broken with the refactoring work that Adrian Schimpf has been working on so he will try to address that and also make sure that it works with the CKEditor plugin

  • Ruth Cheesley has merged the small PR to the preset repo so that work can continue on the refactoring

  • So far so good with CKEditor implementation in the builder - Adrian Schimpf has it up and running in his dev branch.

  • We talked about the longer term feasibility outside the email and landing page builder to expand on where we are using GrapesJS - for example Ruth Cheesley mentioned being able to use it to improve the focus item build process and the form building process where there is already a demand for a drag and drop kind of interface.

    • It would be nice to use the same interface and may reduce complexity? Could be feasible but would need thinking through carefully and maybe even rebuilding the feature

    • Maybe we could have the builder also say that it supports email, landing page, focus, form etc much like we do with templates

    • We should aim for the whole interface to be swappable as a plugin

    • We should get the insights from Mautic users! How do they actually use it? What are their thoughts?