To provide a Mautic Marketplace within the application which allows the easy installation and maintenance of third-party plugins for Mautic

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Key outcomes

  • An in-app Mautic Marketplace which allows the installation and management of third party plugins

  • Decoupling of existing plugins from Mautic Core


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Problem Statement

  1. It is difficult to manage plugins and dependencies within Mautic

    Currently there is no easy way to manage plugins within Mautic, or their dependencies. This makes it quite difficult for the end-user to install new plugins, and is also restricting the growth of our ecosystem as the process is so complex.

  2. Changes to plugins are coupled to Mautic releases

    We are restricted in making changes or updates to plugins which are shipped with Mautic because they have to fit within the release cycle of Mautic itself. An issue might only affect a very small subset of Mautic users who actually use that plugin, but we have to ship the fix to every user of Mautic rather than every user of the plugin.

  3. Mautic Core is bloated by plugins that are not widely used

    Mautic itself is quite bloated and complex due to the number of plugins that we ship with the core product, whereas if we had the architecture to support a decoupled approach to plugins we could streamline the product significantly. This would also mean that we could easily empower smaller teams (e.g. Tiger Teams) to support specific plugins and make updates much more quickly.


Read more in John Linhart’s proposal about the Mautic Marketplace here.

WIP PR: https://github.com/mautic/mautic/pull/8257

v1 ‘read only’ PR: https://github.com/mautic/mautic/pull/9650

Forum thread: https://forum.mautic.org/t/mautic-marketplace/12108


Must have:

Nice to have:

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Proposed phases

  1. Move all existing core plugins to independent repositories

  2. Provide alpha with browsing capabilities - we need some UI/UX experts to review and give advice here! Could be released now.

  3. Once the Composer work is done and Composer 2 support is in place, release a beta for people to review & test

  4. Will ship as stable with Mautic 4.0 due to BC breaks & requirement for Composer 2 support (at this point we may remove certain plugins from shipping with core and make them optional installs)


Initiative Coordinator/s



Position vacant

Jan Linhart

Product Team (Ruth Cheesley Dennis Ameling Norman Pracht (Unlicensed))


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