Develop more robust options for creating emails and landing pages which are user-friendly and feature-rich.

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Key outcomes

  • A new builder for creating emails and landing pages


Open Issues

10 issues to go until the next milestone

Problem Statement

The current email and landing page builder is quite limited in its functionality and has quite a few bugs that have been long standing.

This causes a lot of pain for Mautic users, who expect much more of the builders in Mautic. In particular, they expect easy-to-use, drag-and-drop interfaces and the ability to control and customise their layouts with ease.

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Product Team (Ruth Cheesley Dennis Ameling Norman Pracht (Unlicensed))

Email Tiger Team (Ruth Cheesley)

Builders Tiger Team (Ruth Cheesley)

Landing Pages Tiger Team (Ruth Cheesley)

Education Team (Ruth Cheesley Favour Kelvin)


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Finalise release for 3.3 milestone

Alex H

Review feedback from 3.3 release and prepare plugin for 4.0 release

Adrian Schimpf

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