Restructure and Reorganize the Campaigns Sections


  • Mautic user can choose from a variety of actions, decisions, and conditions while building a campaign. The documentation is missing for many actions and decisions, while there is almost no documentation for campaign conditions. We need to identify and add the missing information to the end-user doc.

  • Campaigns can be simple or highly complex. The current documentation doesn't add much value to the users who're building campaigns for the first time. I propose identifying some use cases (both simple and complex) and creating sample workflows (either in the form of step-by-step tutorials, or topics within the end-user guide or walk-through videos) that a first-time user can refer to before starting to build their own campaigns.

  • The information needs presentation in a more organized and orderly fashion in this section. Task and concept-based approach must be followed to increase usability. The topics can use tables to present information about actions, decisions, and conditions. The topic 'Using date triggers' feels a bit out of place. It can nest under Conditions.


swati thacker
March 3, 2021, 11:06 AM

All changes are reviewed, approved, and merged.

swati thacker
March 3, 2021, 11:06 AM

Also this PR -

swati thacker
January 27, 2021, 11:09 AM

Submitted a PR for this work -

The PR is under review by Ruth and Norman.

swati thacker
October 23, 2020, 12:53 PM

Here’s the proposed table of contents (TOC) for the Campaigns section in

Page 1: Campaigns

A brief introduction to Campaigns

Types of Campaigns and their descriptions

Page 2: Creating a Campaign

This page will include steps to create a campaign. Assign a name, description, launch the campaign builder for complex campaigns.

Page 3: Using the Campaign Builder

Before choosing the contact form, create the contact form. Link to the section on creating contact forms.

Subtopics for Campaign Actions, Decisions, and Conditions. Each topic will include all available actions, decisions and conditions.

Page 4: Managing Campaigns

You can manage campaigns on the Campaign Overview page. The actions you can perform from this page. Also include information about the Campaign setting on the Configuration page.

Page 5: Troubleshooting Campaigns

Include the current troubleshooting tips and see if there are more to add.



swati thacker


swati thacker